Bespoke Printed Travel Covers for Motorcycles, ATV's, SkiDoo's & Power Sport Vehicles

Cover your assets

Cover your bike in rain or shine

Tail Pack

Permanently keep your cover on the bike in our smart tailpack

Summer Riding

Its not always sunny when you take your bike for a ride

Sports Bikes

Sports & Race Motorcycle seat covers and travel covers

Riders of Sports Bikes often carry little or no luggage and certainly have no space for a bike cover.

The BIKEKINI Seat Cover weighs just 150gms in its waterproof carry pouch and fits in your pocket or under your seat. They are the ultimate motorcycle lightweight  protection.

Upgrade to the Travel Cover which fits every sports bike we have managed to try it on so far and you get the added advantage of more protection, highly reflective night time seems and high wind side straps – suitable for towing, all in a package weighing 250gms. Also small enough to pack under your seat.

Alternatively you can store your BIKEKINI in its smart tail pack on the bike. This also can hold valuables like keys & sunglasses and has a pocket for the optional wire lock. The tail pack can be clipped off the bike and worn around your waist.

Both Seat & Travel  covers come in plain colours, digitally printed versions, collectable limited editions or why not simply design your own bespoke cover by uploading text & graphics.