Bespoke Printed Travel Covers for Motorcycles, ATV's, SkiDoo's & Power Sport Vehicles

Demonstrate great customer care when bikes are in for service

Patented cover design protects bikes but allows continuous display

Deluxe Showroom Cover - protect recently sold & customers bikes

Showroom covers & Dealership covers

Showroom Covers and Branded Dealership Bikekini’s

When you sell a motorcycle, you want to protect it for the new owner, but also there is benefit gained from keeping it on display (you may only have one of this model) and sold bikes send good buyer messages to other prospective customers visiting your store.

The problem is you don’t want to cover the bike completely – you lose all the benefits above, but you still want to protect it from scratches and other people sitting on the bike.

The patent pending BIKEKINI™ showroom cover just does that. The bike can still be displayed, but people will no longer sit on it, where as they will happily move a sold card or a ignore a sticker.

Further benefits are we can print on the covers any message you like, your dealer logos etc.

Why not print your store offers or tie up with your insurance company to create a new level of professionalism and open up new advertising space in your store.

When your customer comes to collect their new bike you can ‘unveil it’ in front of them, free of dust & scratches.

Similarly when your customers drop off and collect bikes from service, show them how much you care about their pride & joy by covering it the moment they leave it with you.

We can color match fabrics such as Ducati Red, Kawasaki Green, Suzuki Blue, Honda Red, KTM Orange, BMW Silver etc. Contact us for more information.

Have covers designed to match your brand

Have covers designed to match your brand






Looks less professional

Looks less professional

Customers will still sit

Customers will still sit




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