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Motorcycle Racing Covers

Launched and tested at the 2014 Isle of man TT races, several teams trialed  the BIKEKINI™ ICECOOL Motorcycle Racing Covers and Paddock Covers.

Prior to racing bikes are fueled to the maximum. When they move from the shelter of the paddock to Parc Ferme the fuel can easily warm up and expand causing evaporation & fuel leakage.

Not only do the motorcycle racing covers slow down this process they also keeps the bike much cooler for the rider.

Testing BIKEKINIS on a warm day, tank & seat temperature is reduced by -15° compared to exposed components on the same bike.

Fuel temperature remains constant for up to 30mins in direct sunlight, after which the rate of heat increase per degree is reduced by up to 75% dependent on ambient air temperature.

This is a result of a unique composite 5 way heat reflection & thermal protection system, and forms part of the BIKEKINI™ patent pending designs.

1. The silver side of the BIKEKINI™ Racetech Paddock Covers contain a unique acrylic reflective compound that not only reflects heat but still allows printing at high temperatures.

2. The tank pad is constructed of a closed cell airfoam layer which is sandwiched between two heat reflective and non conducting foil layers.

3. The airflow layer is bonded to the non conductive foil which creates a cooling system without loss of thermal characteristics and further protects the tank against scratching.

The key benefits of the system is maximum fueling and increased performance from your machine due to lower fuel temperature.

In addition the covers allow the bike to be steered in and out of paddocks & into Parc Ferme without the need to remove the cover.

For this reason we also have developed a reflective compound that still allows printing of logos, sponsors and team details on the covers – which in-turn opens up new advertising space for interested sponsors.

STUART SMITH Racing commented “We were amazed how effective the lightweight covers were, there was a significant difference in seat & tank temperature“.

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