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Racing Bike Thermal Paddock Covers


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Reducing the temperature of racing fuel for longer gives better top speed, more efficient combustion, less wear on the engine, and more racing miles from a single tank of fuel.

Most bike teams have some kind of throw over  or dust workshop cover for their bikes but so much more is possible.

Our racing covers give a tested competitive advantage when used for racing and creates a whole new area to add additional sponsor space to your racing machines by personalizing your Paddock Covers with sponsor logos & company information.

These technical race covers use unique heat reflective materials and both composite thermal insulation & moisture wicking to keep the seat cool for the rider, reduce heat on the tank and to keep your fuel cooler for longer. With the addition of the thermal pad to stop radiant & conductive heat transfer to the fuel tank, fuel temperatures under racing conditions have been tested to remain cooler for significantly longer.

When in ‘Parc ferme’ this further reduces the risk of fuel expansion & fuel leakage when brimming fuel. Cooler fuel yields a better fuel efficiency, top speed and more track miles on a single tank.

The BIKEKINI™ paddock covers have been tested to reduce seat temperature by up to -15 degrees on a sunny day peaking at -20 degrees during desert testing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Special loop connections still allow the bike to be pushed and steered whilst the cover is in place. Covers can be fitted and removed in seconds before & after racing.

Sponsor details can even be seen from above in the grandstand.

+ new for 2015  Add the additional individual side panels to keep the paddock or workshop dust off the race bikes during maintenance and the workshop document panel which velcros on the top. This gives clear indication of the condition of the bike such as ‘NO OIL’.


Covers can be made in teams colors as a bespoke service. Please use the contact us section to discuss your needs.

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