Bespoke Printed Travel Covers for Motorcycles, ATV's, SkiDoo's & Power Sport Vehicles

Racing Bike Paddock & Parc Ferme Covers

Technical covers for Racing Bikes. One side can be printed with team sponsors etc. The reverse side contains a highly effective heat reflection space film with air-flow technology. A thermal pad sits between the fuel tank and the cover to prevent conductive heat transfer and the combined system has been tested to reduce heat levels on the motorcycle seat by -15 degrees. The cover provides the additional benefits of significant slowing of fuel temperature rise. When your racing bikes are in ‘Parc Ferme’, this prevents fuel expansion and fuel leakage. It also keeps the bike far cooler than a brolly girl can! Special loop connections are provided so the bike can be pushed & steered with the cover fitted and removed in seconds before the race.

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