Bespoke Printed Travel Covers for Motorcycles, ATV's, SkiDoo's & Power Sport Vehicles

Adventure Bike Cover

  • All uses on this page are from this one versatile cover design.
  • Slightly more generous in size than the sport cover.
  • Designed to fit larger bikes such as adventure & sports tourers.
  • Zipped on three sides can be used as a larger sport cover.
  • Once fully unzipped  can be used on the bike apron style (as in photo).
  • Fully reversible/ high tech thermally reflective silver side for heat reflection.
  • Come complete with flexible bungee connection kit to adapt to all connection styles on this page.
  • Fits inside the tailpack which can be fitted to the bike or worn around the waist.

Temporary Shelter

  • The Red Adventure Cover used as a simple makeshift side shelter.
  • Get out of the sun & shelter in the shade anytime
  • Ideal for quick stops or as a second shelter area for camping / cooking etc. outside of your tent.
  • In extreme conditions can be used as a shelter from the weather. Ideally use in conjunction with a bivvy bag or groundsheet
  • Why not use a second BIKEKINI™ as a groundsheet or bivvy bag. 100% waterproof.
  • Remember to follow safety guidelines & use a safety line on the bike.

Create a tent porch

  • Perhaps one of the most useful additional features. Comes with a connection kit to attach to your tent. Create a massive 25 sqft covered area for extra living space or a sheltered cooking area.
  • No extra poles or additional weight as the bike is used as the frame. Not only do you get a great view in the morning (of your bike), but also adds extra security when camping as your bike becomes an integral part of your dwelling.
  • Note: be extremely careful when cooking near petrol engines and insure the bike is a safe distance from the tent in the event it should be knocked over for any reason.

Wind Break & Groundsheet

  • BIKEKINI creates a perfect wind break when camping.
  • Fix your cover vertically to the bike & tent using the attachment straps provided and use 2 simple tent pegs to fix it to the ground.
  • Bike should remain a safe distance from the tent and keep cooking equipment a safe distance from the cover especially if very windy.

Sleeping Bag Outers

  • Possibly the world most versatile motorcycle cover.
  • Zip up the sides to use as an emergency bivvy bag or space blanket.
  • No groundsheet - no problem. Roll out the cover and peg down using the D-Rings on each corner.
  • Use as Sleeping bag outers,
  • 100% waterproof and heat reflective.

Intelligent connections

  • The Adventure Model BIKEKINIis thoughtfully designed to fit carefully to your tent without damaging it.
  • Providing your bike is positioned correctly (appx. 4-4.5ft from the tent entrance), cover will provide a additional 25 sqft of shelter.
  • Consider slopes when pitching your tent to insure safe use and to aid in repelling water.

World’s most versatile motorcycle cover

Your BIKEKINI™  Adventure Motorcycle Covers can be used in many ways on your adventure bike travels.enduro beach

Naturally you want to travel as light as possible with maximum comfort – see all the benefits & extra comfort  just 1 item can bring.

1. Use it as a lightweight travel cover to shield your motorcycle anytime you stop. From the rain/damp as well as the harsh sun/heat & damaging UV rays.

2. Use it off the side of the bike as a side shelter. Great for keeping your kit out of the weather & for quick shaded stops.

3. Unzip it fully and use the camping kit to convert it into a quick adventure tent/temporary shelter with a groundsheet or second BIKEKINI™.

4. Using your bike as the frame, connect it horizontally to your tent to create a massive 25 sqft covered porch / cooking area.

5. Using your bike as the frame – connect it vertically to your tent. With just 2 tent pegs you have the perfect wind break / privacy screen.

6. Use it as a 100% waterproof groundsheet.

7. Use it as a waterproof sleeping bag outer.

8. Use it as an emergency space blanket with thermal benefits from the heat reflective layer. Will accommodate a 6ft man.

Some feedback from our consumers:

Great product – I often just throw it on the ground folded up as a dry place to sit

I needed to fix my bike and laid out all the parts on the cover so they did not get dirty and i could easily see them on the grass

I attend a lot of weekend rallies and I have a comfort seat – these easily soak up moisture from morning dew & frost – this problem is now solved

I find my gear gets damp in the tent, especially when it’s raining – I now stuff it all in the cover and zip it up, everything remains bone dry – thanks BIKEKINI, my new travelling best friend

I forgot my sleeping bag on a trip and just kipped in the cover using it as a makeshift bivvi – I kept warm & dry no problem, excellent gear

Hey BIKEKINI I have a new use for you – I put my gear in the cover, roll it up and use the D-rings to attach it to my bike, I know have a roll up kit bag as well – do I get patent shares for this?

My wife & I took a European trip and the weather was baking hot – my gel seat was so hot we couldn’t sit on it – thank god for your heat reflective cover, my mates have now all bought one too

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