Bespoke Printed Travel Covers for Motorcycles, ATV's, SkiDoo's & Power Sport Vehicles

Instructions – Care & Safety

instruction A

Optional use of mirror covers (included)

Instructions for use

1. Take your BIKEKINI out of its pouch and fit the pouch over one of your mirrors.
2. Take the spare pouch and fit this over the other mirror.
3. Tighten the toggles until both pouches are firmly secured over the mirrors.
4. If possible stretch the elastic loops and secure over the handlebar ends or levers.
5. Identify the tail of your BIKEKINI, this is the narrowest end.
6. Decide if you will display the printed side or the reflective side upper most.
7. If your bike does not have grab rail, push one of the rear D-rings through the other,
making sure the nylon webbing is not twisted. Place the joined loop you have created
over the rear end / cowel of the seat unit.
8. Stretch your BIKEKINI forwards and fasten each of the forward D-Rings through
the D-rings on the protective wing mirror pouches.
9. Tighten each of the ladder locks until the cover fits snugly.
10. The D-rings are attached to elastic loops on the mirror pouches, do not over-
tension these. Once tensioned they lock the BIKEKINI from loosening in high wind.
11. If your BIKEKINI does not fit as you wish try adjusting backwards and forwards using
the ladder locks – there is approximately 7inch of forwards & backwards movement.


Shade + airflow reduces heat temperature by up to 15 degrees

Shade + airflow reduces heat temperature by up to 15 degrees

12. If connectors are too far away from the mirrors, attach the bungee hooks to the D-rings.
The loop end can then be attached to any part of the bike without scratching paintwork.
13. If your bike has a grab rail or fitting bracket for a luggage box – loop the rear D-rings
underneath the luggage frame first and connect the D-rings together. Then repeat
steps 8. through 12.
14. To secure the sides. Assemble the two material grip- clips (supplied), position and grip the material edge and attach bungee hook through the hole. Fasten elastic loops to foot pegs and adjust accordingly.

With the side loops added – BIKEKINI’s have withstood 100MPH wind testing without coming off or tearing

Alternative Fitting

If you prefer your BIKEKINI to fit tight to the tank and seat, you can use the mirror pouches over your front indicators,

or you can simply use the supplied  front connection bungee kit. These connect to the D-rings and can be looped or clipped to any part of the bike (avoid hot components)

Maintenance & Safety

BIKEKINIS are purposely small and therefore much easier to clean than normal covers
Ideally after use, wipe clean with a damp sponge , warm water and allow to dry.

Grip-clip attaches anywhere on the cover

Grip-clip attaches anywhere on the cover

Covers printed with individual logos and text (nylon film application) can be safely

washed at 30 degrees, do not tumble dry. We do not recommend ironing, however;

Should you require to iron , use a low heat without steam on the printed side.

Using a cotton towel in between. Do not directly iron the printing or the PV material on the reverse side.

Ideally allow to dry naturally to avoid unnecessary process. Creases will fall out naturally if hung.

If your BIKEKINI gets soaked during normal use and you put it straight in the stuff
sack, take it out and shake it down later, ideally allowing it to dry before you
use it again. Turn pouches inside out to allow them to dry also.

Fully printed covers using our version of sublimation printing can be washed at
70 degrees, otherwise follow care instructions as above.


BIKEKINI Technical details
Fire retardant to UK -BS 476.7& BS 7157. US-NFPA 701.

Full technical testing

Full technical testing

UV- protection tested up to 1,000 hrs.

Waterproofing HH rating 5,000mm

PV coated rip-stop nylon 70D

Remember nylon melts before it catches fire. Please keep your BIKEKINI away from hot motorcycle parts and naked flames.

Do not let children play with your cover. Bungee hooks can be dangerous when tightened.

Do not attempt to ride the motorcycle with the cover fitted, even for a short distance.

The cover will almost certainly affect the way the steering will operate.

If you are purchasing the adventure model cover, there are strict guidelines on how to use the cover safely

and prevent the motorcycle from falling over. Please follow these ginstructions supplied with the cover and camping kit.


Protection & security

Protection & security

BIKEKINI Ltd. accept no responsibility or liability for misuse of its products and /or for not following the manufacturers safety guidelines

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