Bespoke Printed Travel Covers for Motorcycles, ATV's, SkiDoo's & Power Sport Vehicles

Slippery when wet

I was on vacation in Thailand and hired a Yamaha Virago, great for cruising around on. However is P*ssed it down most afternoons and I fell off  when I had to hit the breaks on a bend coz the seat was just soaked. I spent 1 week in hospital, not funny at all in Thailand.  Bob from Blackpool.

Scratched bike

Quote from: Billy from the USA.  “We were touring the West Coast on our Harleys, whenever we stopped at diners and such, we would find idiot tourists sitting on our bikes outside taking trophy photos, mine was the only one not badly scratched as I fitted my Bikekini each stop. The Bro’s have bought them since..thanks for a great product”

Very wet wife

Quote from Stephan living in Hamburg, Germany. “My wife and I were once caught in an impossible rainstorm in Greece in the middle of nowhere whilst touring on our BMW GS, how convenient would it have been to pull over and to be able to pop up a rainproof shelter in seconds. That one storm completely ruined the whole trip…she never came with me again…she even tried to get me to sell the bike afterwards!”.

No more ‘burnt butts’

Insight from: Colin living in United Arab Emirates. “I have burnt my butt and inner thighs more times than I care to mention whilst living overseas for 15 years in hot & humid climates,  where leathers are virtually  impossible to wear. Finding shade to park is sometimes near impossible.”