Bespoke Printed Travel Covers for Motorcycles, ATV's, SkiDoo's & Power Sport Vehicles

Amazon Feedback

With most motorbike stands at car parks being out in the open this is a genius solution, silly name aside. It’s thin but well made, it comes with thermal covers for the mirrors, a bum bag and an Abus cable lock to prevent people from nicking it. When not used it folds to a very small size and it’s permanently in my backpack. It obviously doesn’t cover the bike fully but I needed something to cover the instrument panel and the yoke area from the rain and this covers a lot more than that, running the entire length of the bike.

In terms of the time it takes to put it on, after the first 3-4 times, it takes me only a couple of minutes although I have left the two elastic cords permanently on to save me time.

Size, I would suggest going one size up from what you think you need as I discovered the recommended size only goes up to the tank.

Highly recommended!