Bespoke Printed Travel Covers for Motorcycles, ATV's, SkiDoo's & Power Sport Vehicles


Our products are designed & manufactured in the United Kingdom

Every personalised BIKEKINI™ is printed to your specification, making every single one unique.

We source the highest quality materials, some made especially to our specifications such as the heat reflective ripstop® nylon.

We are driven by quality, passion and community. How often do you get chance to use something you designed yourself, lovingly made by true English craftsmen & craftswomen. We believe our products therefore offer exceptional value for money.

We believe you are passionate too, Individual in your tastes, that’s why you like Power Sports.
Most Power Sports vehicles are more expensive than your average small car, BIKEKINI™ is therefore a very small price to pay to keep it pristine on a daily basis and to cover it in places you wouldn’t normally bother – like when you ride to motorcycle your place of work, park it overnight at a hotel or travel to a bike rally with limited luggage space.

Because of our  non-mass production and bespoke printing process, we  sometimes run a waiting list  system. On receipt of your order you will be advised of the expected delivery date.

Naturally if you prefer a non-printed version, these can often be provided from stock and generally have a shorter delivery time.

Our products are Manufactured and designed in the heart of the UK textile zone in West Yorkshire. We pride ourselves in only using the most robust materials and fittings