Bespoke Printed Travel Covers for Motorcycles, ATV's, SkiDoo's & Power Sport Vehicles

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Bikekini portable motorcycle covers

Like you we are passionate about Motorcycles and Power Sports and have been for over 30 yrs.

They are not merely modes of transport, they are moving art, things of beauty, combining raw power with excitement and pleasure. It is one of the few freedoms left in transport, the ability to cut through traffic, enjoy the twists & bends of the open road, to rip across the water and to be able to see, feel and smell the countryside changing as you eat up the miles – Power Sports appeal to the senses.

We don’t want to cover up such things of beauty, we want to proudly display them. When you park, cut the engine and heel out the side stand, there is a sense of ceremony as you climb off your motorcycle and remove your helmet, park your Seadoo® at the dock or SkiDoo® at the cabin. BIKEKINI™ extends that ceremony and care for your vehicle to the next level.


Bikekini portable motorcycle covers

Conveniently clipping on the beautifully crafted day cover not only says you take care of your pride and joy but also makes a statement about what kind of biker or enthusiast you are,  even when you have left it parked.


BIKEKINI at Daytona

Covering the essential bits from weather and prying eyes, whilst leaving the body exposed is like a beautiful woman in lingerie – far sexier than totally naked!


That said, feedback from our customers state it also helps deter against Power Sport thieves as one additional hassle to deal with, as the cover can also be locked to the bike.

Harley-Davidson Printed Travel Cover

Harley-Davidson Printed Travel Cover

You already make a statement with what you ride, when you add a BIKEKINI™ you smother your bike in its own individual tattoo, without having to repaint it or cover it in nasty paint damaging stickers. In fact BIKEKINI™ increases the value of your vehicle by protecting it long term not defacing it.  Unlike tattoos – you can change your BIKEKINI™ style any time you like.

We take security seriously!

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